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Everything Supported by HP Tuners, Including Retrofits and Custom Rods. 

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We Can weld Aluminum, Stainless, Steel and anything you can dream up. We have a Bead Roller for custom Pipes and pipe/square tube benders. 

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Custom Tuning Starts at $450 plus License. Install labor rate $100 per honest hour of work. Unlock PCM/ECM Security or your Swap $150 Plus Licence Fees and Shipping (Approx $275 Incudes Custom Requests). 

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Why Do We Tune OEM Stock Vehicles?

OEM manufacturers like GM and FORD, produce Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s that are often within 15-20% of Ideal conditions. A good example are wheel alignments. Alignments often aren’t perfect from the Factory, but the car goes straight down the road. Later you wonder why there is uneven tread wear. Well, Manufacturers know exactly how long it should take to build and assemble each and every part down to a science. In order to save money, the manufacturers authorize Auto Workers a specific allotment of time for each assembly procedure. Along with the specific time standards belong tolerance standards as well.  So in other words, Part A needs to be paired with Part B in a specific amount of time, and both parts need to be within a specified distance, range or relation.  

On any given day of the week, depending on the mood of the Auto Workers that day, a manufactured automobile could be too tight in tolerance, or way out of spec. Compounding to assembly variances, parts are often farmed out to be made by private contractors which may not have the manufactures best interest in mind. Meaning the parts intended to provide “X” amount of duty cycles, within “X” parameters, could fail prematurely or be misaligned unintentionally. However, the part is still within the tolerances the manufacture specified in the job contract, and the part gets the nod for assembly.


Now the car may act and drive fine, which it often does, but the problem is that there is almost always room for improvement. Further complicating the situation is today’s technologically advanced drive systems require a large investment in diagnostic hardware and software interface, generally far reaching from yesterday’s “Shady-Tree Mechanic.” So that’s where we step in. A Tuner’s job is to hone in those assembled tolerances into the ultimate real world efficacy. Ideally, a Tuner can unlock the computer brain of any given vehicle, scan and analyze the data, make changes, and return a vehicle that performs better across the entire spectrum.


Unfortunately, sometimes reaching the ultimate drivability means mechanical changes are necessary to achieve the owner’s performance goals. Tuners don’t have the magic wand, despite the ladder of the dubious Tuner’s offerings. However, a good Tuner will inform their client of real world expectations tuning can achieve and the boundaries of which gains are possible. Each application is different and quite often, the better performing the automobile comes from the Factory, the less gains there are to be captured. Not always the case is diminishing return, because there are always exceptions to the rule, though generally there is less to be had from tuning a stock Corvette over a stock half-ton pickup truck. Which is good news for most truck owners, bad for hot rod guy dreaming of long smoky burn-out’s.  

Generally, Tuning a Stock OEM Automobile will yield up to 15% more power, though 5% is also a very realistic number given Today’s Auto Manufactures increasing standards. This usually equates to a 15 to 75 horsepower increase. Now by the seat or your pants, 15 horsepower doesn’t feel much different under hard acceleration. Where you will find the difference is in drivability and MPG if your new found happiness doesn’t equate to a heavier foot. 

With increased performance comes better fuel milage because the engine is working more efficiently.  A 5-15% increase means the auto will accelerate with less pedal application, steer into and out of corners with faster acceleration, respond much better to driver needs, and overall just be easier drive. Where you will notice the increases are in normal routine driving to work or around town. You will notice crisper response, traffic is easier to navigate, the auto will downshift faster when you need the power, you’ll be able to move through intersections with less of a hassle, and overall feel like the car is more in tune with you and your demands. A good Tuner brings the blurred OEM Performance closer into 20/20 vision with the driver, as every automobile should be.

Our Shop Currently

We do Engine & Transmission Tuning, Dyno Tuning, Engine Assembly, Chassis Scaling, Alignment and Setup, Custom Fabrication and Performance Parts Installation. We are also an Authorized Holley Parts Dealer, so come check us out for Competitive Pricing. Our goal is to offer excellent customer support, deliver Tuning Services you can be Proud of, and resolve any issue you may be having. We can Tune select Foreign and most Domestic Automobiles 1998 and Later. Our Best work and Capabilities are derived from our Chassis Dyno and Modern Diagnostic Equipment. Performance Tuning 

Help Wanted

Looking for EFI Tuners/ Forced Induction Installers for Late Model Cars and Trucks. The right applicant will be able to provide PROOF of prior experience, have certifications, and demonstrate a Daily Mastery of their Craft. Email Resume and copies of your work to GoFast@BadgerTuners.com  



1. Do you Tune anything else other than just stock Automobiles?

Heck Yes we do! Cars, Trucks, Boats, Golf Carts, You name it! If it has a Ford or LS style engine (Including LT/LQ/LR/LSX) We can tune it.

2. What if I am doing a retro fit, putting an LS into my 75 Chevy, will I need to send you my PCM? Chances are the car will turn over but not start. That’s because the Airflow numbers are completely mismatched and out of range for your application. We will need all of the specs for the complete intake system and Engine Camshaft. From there we will need to make changes until the engine starts and Idles correctly. This may require us coming to you, or you bringing the car to us. So the complicated answer is Yes, but also No. Our recommendation is get the car to where it turns over, then schedule an appointment with us to come out to you if impractical to bring the car to us. If the distance is local, there will NOT be additional charges for coming to you (At our Discretion).

3. What is the difference between a Power Programmer and a Tune from you?

Programmers are good at what they do, estimate a given tune for every vehicle in that category. What makes Badger Tuners far and away BETTER, is that we Tune YOUR specific car to the REAL WORLD ENVIRONMENT.  Neither A Dynamometer nor a Programmer can come close to the precise Tune we give your car.

4. Will you Tune MY car how I want it Tuned? 

Absolutely YES! We want you to walk away thrilled with the changes made to your Ride. Therefore, we stress the importance of a detailed explanation when you fill out our service agreement.

5. What if I don’t like the tune you put on my car? 

We guarantee your happiness with our Tuning Service. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, then we will re-upload the tune file that the automobile came with from the factory, and we will return your money less the Licensing fees by HP Tuners to unlock your PCM/ECM.

6. How Long does the Tuning Process Take?

We like to prescribe to the notion that it takes as long as it takes. Usually 4 hours, but because everyone's taste in performance is different, there is no one size fits all. There is no source for a canned preprogrammed Tune. We tune for your application, your taste, and we ask you to bring the automobile back as many times as it takes to get the Tune right! So it may require additional trips to us , however thatis all included in your Tune. We don't keep adding charges and fees. 

7. Do we accept Credit Cards? 

Yes. We accept all major Credit Cards.

8. What are HPTuners Disclaimers on the Software interface? 

Follow this Link

9. Okay, So I am Happy with my Tune, What's Next?

Remember….A Tune doesn’t change, Machinery Does! So what the heck does that mean!??? It means that our programmed Tune File uploaded to your PCM/ECM will Always stay the same. The tune cannot change until it has been altered or erased. If you’re driving around and your gut tells you something is off, you’re probably right! 99.9% of the time something mechanical has changed, and now the parameters of the Tune cannot function properly or aren’t read as they should be. Often times the mechanical issue is the result of a faulty sensor not issuing a trouble code because the sensor is still receiving/sending a signal. The signal could be stuck, off calibration, or just plain FUBAR!  Therefore, We Strongly Recommend following your OEM Manufactures maintenance guidelines. If your vehicle is older with a LS retrofit, or you just don’t know what you should do, email me at GoFast@BadgerTuners.com. I would be happy to provide a detailed outline of practical maintenance for your specific application.

10. So what do I do if my car isnt running right?

Ask your mechanic if he can Dynamically Scan your vehicle. That means he has a scanner that can record the data while he test drives your vehicle. What that will do is allow the Tech to analyze everything that happened while your vehicle was under a load. Any Journeyman Tech should be able to find a faulty sensor or a starting point to seek remedy for a mechanical issue using a dynamic interface. A simple scan at idle usually won’t show the characteristics of a faulty sensor while the vehicle is static (Not under a load).  Please don’t attempt to contact me until you have contacted a qualified technician first. Chances are I won’t be able to help until after a diagnosis has been made, and I honestly will not speculate until I have Factual Data. Please Remember….A Tune doesn’t change, Machinery Does.

11. I'm kind-of nervous about bringing my Warrantied Vehicle to the Dealer for an Issue I am having.

No Prob-lem-O! Call ahead and arrange an appointment. For a small one-time fee, we will gladly reinstall your stock tune and then change it back to our tune when you're ready. Simple changes could be free of charge at our discretion.

12. What if I decide to make equipment changes after you tune my vehicle?

The Tune we uploaded to your vehicle is ONLY GOOD FOR THAT SPECIFIC VEHICLE AT THAT SPECIFIC TIME! Meaning that if you make any alterations to the airflow, fuel delivery, tire size, or nearly anything other than cosmetic or routine maintenance, you will have just rendered your Tune Obsolete! Upgrades Like Cold Air Intakes get their improvements from effectively leaning the Air Fuel Ratio with the addition of more air than the PCM/ECM realizes its getting. Adding a Cold Air Intake AFTER our Tune could result in too lean of a condition at Part-Full Throttle resulting in possible engine damage. SO PLEASE email me at GoFast@BadgerTuners.com BEFORE making changes. I can review your Tune File and prescribe if further Tune File changes are necessary, no matter the upgrade. Simple changes could be free of charge at our discretion.


13. What would happen if I Installed my Power Programmer after you Tuned my Car?

Don’t you dare install a power programmer after our Tune is rendered. You will F-UP your vehicle almost Guaranteed! If you like your vehicle the way its running, Don’t Mess with it! Email me First. I will reply to all emails at the end of the day. Please be patient I WILL get back to YOU! Thank you and Enjoy!

14. What if I have used a Power Programmer on my car Before I come to you? 

If you have made any alterations to your vehicle's PCM/ECM, it will need to be returned to stock before we can Tune. Please also bring the programmer with you, it may be necessary to unlock the programmers code before Licensing can begin.

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