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Check out our unboxing Video! We only sell the stuff we stand behind. So we open our display piece so that you can feel confident in your purchase.  Holley Super Sniper 550-513

Parts We Sell

Standalone Fuel Systems


Holley makes Killer fuel systems that self learn to create a Custom Base Fuel Map, and 100% Fully Tunable. The Ease of use and navigation is Amazingly simplified! Upgrading to EFI is never a mistake. Your Engine will Start easily under Cold and Hot conditions, Idle much leaner, make more power sooner, Support Add-on's and High Horsepower Boosted Applications

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Fuel Delivery


We Proudly Boast we are the ONLY Official Holley EFI Factory Trained and Certified Tuner's, Installer's, and Parts Dealer within 100 miles. We are the Coulee Region's Finest EFI Tuner capable of writing a Bad-Ass Tunes for your Vehicle!!!!



We are The Coulee Regions ONLY ProCharger Dealer! We Sell, Install, and Tune any type Boosted Application including the World Renound PROCHARGER Supercharger!

Summit Racing Equipment


 We are an Authorized A-tech Motorsports Dealer. A-tech is the Sister company of Summit, created by Summit, for Speed Shops like ours. So We have FULL Access to Summit's Entire Line of parts at discount prices!

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Earl's Plumbing and Fasteners


Excellent Oil Fuel and Water plumbing Parts for an LS Swap or just about anything else. 

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ECM Tuning & Power Programmers

PowerTech Programmers


We are an Authorized PowerTech Dealer! Which means we Sell and Write Custom Tunes for the Entire PowerTech Line of Power Programmers & Flash Tuners. Most of the time, these Programmers need only minor tweeking to make the Tune really POP for Your Car or Truck! 

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The "O-G" Tuner


Superchips was the first company to market and sell Chip Tuning Technology! They have come a long way since then, and now offer some pretty cool stuff ranging from the Novice User to the Advanced Tuner!

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Powerful Diesel Technology


Arguably the Best Diesel Power Programmer on the Market today! Dial up to 200+ HP at the push of a button, with a Killer Display and Data Reader to match! If you like Blowing Coal, Then this IS the Diesel Programmer for you!!!! 

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Flash Tuning


Our most Powerful Tunes are created using HP Tuners. HPT currently owns the market share for Sales and User Activity, and therefore is the #1 Mainstream Flash Tuning Software today. So it only makes sense to go with the Technology Leader.   

VE Table / Base Fuel Map


The most important part of a Tune is getting your Airflow and Fueling into reality. Once that happens, your car immediately runs better, idles better and gets better fuel mileage. This is the foundation we build upon in your Tune.

Dyno Graph


Of course with any tune we do, our results are tested and verified using our Dynocom 7500 Chassis Dyno and Quantum Software. We also offer Transmission Maps as well. A Trans map will help you get a visual for the Speed and Parameter input the ECM uses to negotiate transmission shift points.

Services We Provide

Dyno Tuning


Our methodology provides proven results tune after tune, no matter the brand and application. We use a Dynocom 7500 Chassis Dyno (Dynamometer) and the latest diagnostic equipment from AEM, Plex, Snapon, HP Tuners, and Quantum Software to write Tunes that make Kick-Ass Power! The difference maker really is in our cutting edge diagnostic equipment that allows us to find maximum cylinder pressure before detonation, and then back it down a few notches to allow for safe and reliable power. 

Engine Assembly


 You can have us arrange your machinework through our network of proven Machinist, or drop off your finished parts. Either way, we will measure, blueprint, carefully document and assemble your Motor to your specs or our recommendations. Our Experience and Assembly Techniques render Excellent results for initial Break-in Reliability, Longevity and Survivability under any application you desire.   

Chassis Tuning


We Use only the Best Longachre Scales and Alignment Equipment to help you achieve a Chassis Baseline and Winning setup for your Drag and Circle Track Racing Application. We offer Chassis Weight Scales to find accurate measurement of all four corners and cross weight of your vehicle. We can also set the Toe, Camber, Caster, and Ride Height of your Chassis. 

LS Swap


If you got it, We can Shoehorn it! We have got the Equipment and Artistic Hunger to make your dreams come alive!

Installation & Fabrication


We have got the Equipment and Experience to Cut, Weld, Fabricate, and install any Turbo or Supercharged system on the market today Including Holley EFI and ProCharger Systems. We can also make Cam Changes, Install Intakes, Headers, Carborators, Distributors, Nitrous Oxide, Make Brake Lines, Fuel Lines, Oil Lines, A/C Lines, Bend Pipe, Bead Roll, You name It! 

Odometer & Speedometer Calibration


 We can Test and Certify any automobile under 8000lbs GVW for accuracy on a Pass/Fail system for speeds up to 200 MPH and Unlimited Range. However, we can only make Calibration Changes on Vehicles supported by HP Tuners, Diablosport, Edge Products and Superchips 


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*****Tim M.-- 2008 GMC Yukon-- Onalaska, WI

Totally impressed by the professionalism. I felt totally comfortable letting you work on my truck. I'm a very picky person, I just picked it up and noticed a major difference in power and shift point...I will update as I put more miles on my GMC. THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE...


*****Dave G.-- 2004 Chevy Silverado-- Winona, MN

They did a good Job!Found Issues with a sensor I didn't know I had. My truck runs way better, fuel mileage increased, more power. I would Definitely reccomend them! Thanks

*****Brian H.--2013 Chevy Camaro-- West Salem, WI

I am very pleased with the service I received here! Ray was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to insure I was educated before making rash decisions! And will highly recommend them to anyone! I also would like to comment on how clean his shop is and how polite he was to my family. Very professional!!!

*****Clayten V.--1999 Chevy Tahoe-- Wesby, WI

Everything works as it should no issues! Great work!

*****Robert N.--2010 Ford Mustang--Black River Falls, WI

great place, guys are awesome...

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